Queen Anne Sellers: Five Points To A Sale

Good Housekeeping: 5 Points To A Sale

The goal is to sell your house as quickly and as profitably as possible. To do that seller’s need to stage the house. Here are four-steps designed to maximize the value of your house.

  1. De-cluttering Tips
  2. Repairing Tips
  3. Cleaning Tips
  4. Revitalizing Tips
  5. Showing Tips

De-cluttering Tips

Make four distinct piles: TrashReturnDonate, and Might Need.

It would be overwhelming if you tackled the whole house at once. Delegate the work to other family members accordingly and go at it. Put checkmarks next to each completed room. It’s important to know you’re making progress. Golden Rule – Consider hiring a garbage collection agency or rent a commercial garbage bin if you have a lot to throw away.

Repairing Tips

Buyers expect a trouble-free home. They want to buy a house, move in and start enjoying it right away. They don’t want to waste time and money fixing up the place. If you don’t repair your house, it will be seen as a fixer-upper and you will not be able to attract the right kind of buyers, nor will you get the price you want for it.

Know whether you need a pre-listing home inspection and understand the difference between repair and renovation can save you money and headaches. Golden Rule – Repair cracks in the foundation immediately.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house for sale goes well beyond dusting, mopping and vacuuming. You must clean it like you mean it. You must minutely examine every square inch of your house and restore it to near-new condition. An advantage of a well-cared-for house is that you’re less likely to receive a low offer. When buyers can’t find faults they focus less on how much money they can squeeze out of you and start thinking that the house is right for them. If you don’t have the time to clean then you should hire a professional. It’s a smart investment.

Golden Rule – Clean the area around your fireplace and then the fireplace itself.

Revitalizing Tips

Revitalizing is not remodeling, which is usually expensive and delays the selling of your house.

Revitalizing starts with improving your curb appeal, follow up with lighting, and painting. Only then can you start staging your house for sale. Golden Rule – Home Office: Move your filing cabinet into the basement.

Showing Tips:

You’ll need to dust the undisturbed rooms once in a while but you can see how this strategy ensures your house is always ready for showing with minimal efforts. For the rest of the living space create three to-do lists:

A weekly must-do checklist, a daily must-do checklist, and a final checklist before the open house

Golden Rule – Put away personal valuables. Turn off your computer.

The Tax Credit Deadline Approaches, But There Are Other Options, Queen Anne

The tax credit deadline approaches faster than ever now –

you need to get a purchase and sale contract signed around by this week if you want to take advantage of the current home buyer tax credit.  That is the fact, but don’t allow that to impact your decision process when purchasing. Being under the gun over a tax credit seems pretty silly when trying to make a much bigger decision overall. My suspicion is that there might be quite a bit of buyer remorse when those IRS checks come in. You would hate to be sitting with your $8000 in a home that as you look around just does not feel right.

My suggestion instead is to take your time and really find the home that is going to work for you and your goals. Choosing a home in a rush over a credit which is tiny when compared to the purchase price overall is like buying a brand new car because they give you a free junky toaster. It’s a little gimmicky.

Why not take your time and find the perfect property and let your Realtor negotiate it to make up for not getting that free toaster… I mean credit?

The competition will be less fierce as the feeding frenzy ends and the pressure will be lessened so that you can really focus in on whether or not the house truly works for you! You can find current inventory here: Seattle Real Estate

FHA Accepts Docusign

FHA Accepts DocuSign

Here at Cooper Jacobs RES in Seattle, WA we’ve been using DocuSign for our buyers and sellers for years.  It saves everyone time, money, paper, and trees.  This news just in from the Chief Legal Officer at DocuSign: