Queen Anne Real Estate Market:
Here is a well received article I wrote in regards to Queen Anne’s Sister neighborhood Magnolia.  Magnolia and Queen Anne are both very good markets.  Buyers want to live here and as a result, “This” market is not so bad!  The below article applies to Queen Anne perfectly so let me know what you think.  We just sold some great Queen Anne properties in our office and have some wonderful Queen Anne listings as well.  Let me know if you would like to see any or see some of my favorites listed around the hill.  
– Courtney
Thinking About Selling Your Magnolia Home? Need Some Tips?  Here Is A Little Secret…

It is interesting to look at the market research and figure out how buyers find their Magnolia homes. Do they have a great Magnolia Realtor out there pounding the street? Maybe.. But , most Magnolia homebuyers start on the internet.  Don’t get me wrong – I also am quite proficient at pounding the pavement for my clients, but if you want to get the most exposure when selling your home, then go with the best internet Magnolia listing agent possible.  We will surprise you.  I promise.  We have a global reach that even surprises me sometimes.  There is nothing more satisfying than selling one of our listings to an International buyer who would not have found us otherwise. Our Magnolia listings get exposure GLOBALLY.

There are others of course, but here is an example of a Magnolia view home that we sold:

These Magnolia sellers had several of the “TOP” Magnolia Realtors out and all of them with the exception of us told them that their home was worth far less than what we at Cooper Jacobs ended up listing it for. Not only did we take the time and really evaluate the market price that would hold up in the Magnolia real estate market, but we also took into consideration the current homes that were on the market – the ones that the buyers would be comparing ours to while on tour.  Comparing your home to your current competition is a far better method of determining value than looking at historical sales.  Sold comps are valuable as well, but the buyers on the street don’t care about those.  If they like yours better and the price is in line with the others they are looking at, then you are going to look good.  In addition, you have to take into account the Magnolia foreclosures and short sales on the market – there aren’t a ton, but they do affect your value. This Magnolia home was sold for over list price in just 3 weeks with multiple offers and many Magnolia listing agents and appraisers have called us since asking us to explain.  The explanation is simple: take the time to really serve the client with both pricing and positioning.  You need more than them just sticking it on Craigslist or Trulia or Zillow or their own little site.  You need your Magnolia Realtor to seriously market your home on the internet. We do that.  You can see the above example of our proven success at MagnoliaViewHome.com, but here is a screen shot as well:

sold magnolia homes by magnolia realtors

Again, as a seller it is important that when you are thinking about listing your Magnolia home you position it correctly not only for the Magnolia real estate market, but also for the internet and what these buyers are looking for. Here is what Magnolia buyers are looking for right now – these are just a few of the search terms used in Google and Bing which brought these buyers to my site (I can’t share all of them or the competition will try and copy what we do, but I wanted to at least show you what I mean):

  • Magnolia Waterfront Homes
  • Homes with views
  • Magnolia neighborhood seattle real estate
  • Historic houses magnolia seattle wa
  • House for sale discovery park wa
  • Magnolia homes for sale seattle
  • Magnolia views
  • Brick house magnolia village

The list continues, but you get the idea. These are true search phrases used to find us and our Magnolia listings.

PS – “This” Magnolia real estate market is GREAT.  Magnolia homes are selling, but the ones that get the most exposure are selling faster and for more money.  Let us help you.

Please, Call or text me if you need help making sure your Seattle Magnolia home is seen on the internet first as well. I am also available if you just need to talk about it or want to know what your home is worth.

206.850.8841 or you can email me at courtney@cooperjacobs.com

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