The smells of prepared food AND fragrant produce can NOW be found at the Queen Anne Farmers Market. The market is open on Thursdays starting at 3PM and goes to 7:30PM. Fresh produce and flowers are the true draw to the market. Often there is live musical entertainment and community sponsors with tables of information on how to take care of ourselves and the environment. Look here to see the list of vendors at the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

This week (June 21st) the musical talent performing is Sunday Speedtrap. Featured chef Laura Adler from Chocopolis will be showcasing chocolate from her store, YUM!

The Metropolitan Market is providing FREE strawberry shortcake for the first 200 customers. This is provided in thanks for the support of the community.

Also, there is Part 2 of the seed planting contest so bring your plantings and show off the new growth and there is a prize for the winner.

The Farmers Market is located at Queen Anne Avenue N. and Crockett Street and goes all the way to October 11th. There are so many options to get to the market. One can walk or take the bus. Driving is frowned upon because of the limited parking in the area but sometimes by car is the best way to go sometimes. Most homes are close enough to Queen Anne Avenue N. that folks simply walk. Queen Anne homes have high walk scores.

All this activity makes for great weekends in Queen Anne. Check out homes on for sale here at listings.

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