Panorama on Queen Anne: Seattle New Construction With Views

Panorama – 2122 11th Ave W.


Overlooking Elliot Bay will soon become your biggest hobby in one of these three homes located atop Queen Anne. The single family home is perfectly situated for a 180° view that includes Elliot Bay, Magnolia, and Interbay. The back two homes rise above and feature a reverse floor plan to fully take advantage of the amazing views. All three homes sport a rooftop deck to extend living to the outdoors, radiant in-floor heat, quartz countertops, and HRV systems for a Built Green 5 star rating.

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Magnolia & Queen Anne Local Businesses Continue To Need Our Support

Quite a few surprising businesses in both Queen Anne and Magnolia have closed down lately. Pretty shocking and disappointing that Seattle Pie Company which I have supported both online and offline would basically just close up shop and leave the Magnolia neighborhood. That is in fact what happened though.

I knew something was fishy when the furniture started disappearing here and there and then they went to cash only. It is sad to see a local staple disappear. Unfortunately, all over Queen Anne and Magnolia I have been seeing this. The kitchen store by Starbucks is gone now. Pasta Bella on Queen Anne which was pretty much a fixture disappeared.

In two neighborhoods that the real estate is thriving ( we got multiple offers on a Queen Anne townhouse for sale after just a couple days on the market), it is sad to see some of the local biz struggling. It should remind us all to buy local and support our beloved neighborhood fixtures.

Upper Queen Anne Happenings – The Metropolitan Market on The Ave is Closing

queen anne livingUpper Queen Anne Happenings – The Metropolitan Market on The Ave is Closing according to the Feb 15th issue of Magnolia News…

It is quite a surprise!  Luckily,  this is not the end for the chain and they will continue to operate their very successful Mercer location in Lower Queen Anne (as well as their other locations), but this news is still a big change for Queen Anne Hill!  This store opened in 1971 – over 40 years ago, but will close its doors August 1st.

The Upper Queen Anne location of  The Metropolitan Market has been an important staple to the  entire Queen Anne community in Seattle, but the store has announced that it will not be part of the new apartment development at the site.  The owners of the site are currently in talks with other grocery options that would fill up the entire first floor and parking will be underground so we should have something back in there soon, but it will be sad to see this one go.  I personally will travel the extra dozen blocks to go to their Mercer location – which has better amenities anyway, really, if I am being honest.

The other issue here of course if the fact that an apartment complex is going in on the main drag of Upper Queen Anne and how that will change the cityscape of our neighborhood. Obviously, even more density, but also just a giant building where a smaller one was.  Nothing stays the same, but this little spot on the Ave has been the same for many decades so it will be a big change!

Seattle’s Amazon Gets A New Home!

Seattle’s Amazon Gets A New Home!

We’ve all heard about the changes occuring in the southern edge of Lake Union for some time.  Mercer Street getting a facelift, the new street car quietly tracking up and down the south side roads and Amazon moving it’s headquarters.

201 Boren Avenue is the site for the new giant e-retailer.  I think it’s a sure bet to say housing will become highly precious starting right now.

Read the full Seattle P.I.’s article here.

Great Amazon Optimal Real Estate:

Queen Anne: Lower Eastside. You want to walk or bike to work?  Then Queen Anne is the place for you.  Loaded with tasty eats, cool record stores, and a walking path to work.

January 2010 outshines January 2009 home prices: rising 3.8% in the city for King County

January 2010

January 2010 outshines January 2009 home prices: rising 3.8% in the city for King County.

This shifts the median price from $400,000 to $415,000. Median being half the homes are lower and half the homes are higher than this figure.

According to a Seattle Times article today, people are searching for homes that are closer to the city’s amenities because now homes are more affordable. They want to live closer to work, their friends, schools, and community. So buyers want the whole package and now they can take their pick from some amazing homes on the market right now.

At Cooper Jacobs, we’ve noticed walkability has been a big trendsetter lately. Our buyers want to walk to grocery stores, bus stops, theaters, great local restaurants and even schools. We use www.walkscore.comfrequently to help our buyers get a better idea of what is less than 1 mile around the property.

Unfortunately, the suburbs have dipped a bit in the red, dropping 2%. High gas prices back in 2007 didn’t help homes being foreclosed on in these areas either. Less time in the car is what people want. They no longer have to drive until they find a home to financial afford.

Queen Anne Elementary Is The New Name For Old John Hay

Queen Anne Blog:  Queen Anne Seattle School Update:

The Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle just had Old John Hay renamed to Queen Anne Elementary as reported by the Seattle Times. According to the Times, Queen Anne Elementary will reopen as an option school. The school originally opened in 1905 and has a long history in the Queen Anne neighborhood.  It is one of Seattle’s oldest schools and luckily got some love and care after falling into complete disrepair.   Today, it is a gorgeous focal point in the neighborhood – you can find it at 411 Boston St. on Queen Anne Hill.

Queen Anne ElementaryWant more info on Queen Anne in Seattle?

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Builder Bonus Program 3% Up To $20k!

seattle real estateBuilder perks here from Sterling!

I was please when I got my latest Sterling flyer from Matt:

Sterling Savings has extended their awesome 3% up to $20,000 towards your closing costs program for qualifying Seattle area properties.

Purchase and sale contracts need to be written prior to 1/31 and close by 2/26.  This credit is a great way to help finance a new home – there are some great projects that qualify, too!

Let us know if you need more details or want to look at some of the great places that qualify!  There are some wonderful Queen Anne townhomes that I know of that fit right into the program – some listed – some not yet.  You can also find additional home listings for the neighborhood here: Queen Anne real estate

Queen Anne, Do You Need $50,000 For A Project?

CleanScapes Contest in Queen Anne $50,000:

Queen Anne is one of the five Seattle neighborhoods being offered $50,000 by CleanScapes to reduce their overall garbage, recycling, and yard waste output. Queen Anne, Magnolia, Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill and South Seattle were the five Seattle neighborhoods chosen for the contest because their output is higher than other neighborhoods in Seattle.

According to CleanScapes the neighborhoods North of the Ship Canal produce about 18 pounds of garbage per week and those South of the Canal are at about 22 pounds per week per house.  The goal is to of course reduce output of waste, but also to probably raise some major awareness.

Tips offered:

Cancel junk mail, catalogs, and the phone book: is a great place to go for canceling junk mail – I personally did it and it doesn’t take a ton of time.

Print double sides

Mulch your grass clipping instead of putting them in the green bin

Cloth towels instead of paper

Donate reusable items instead of throwing them away.

Stop buying water bottles!!!!

Compost your food scraps

The winning Seattle neighborhood will be the one with the most reduction in output by weight will beannounced in May by CleanScapes and the $50,000 will be awarded to the neighborhood’s residents to decide how to spend the money.

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