Backyard Cottages In Seattle

I wrote a blog earlier about Backyard Cottages in Seattle or Detatched Dwelling Units.  Since then, I’ve had numerous questions about them. 

Whether you are considering a Backyard Cottage on your at least 4,000 square foot lot as a rental property, for an elderly family member, or a grown child you need to know the max square footage the structure can be is 800 sq ft.  This includes any carport, attached garage, or storage. 

You can decide to go through a contractor and architect or get a panelized or modular fabricated design.  Fabricated is the fastest, and designed much like building blocks.  Panelized takes a little more time and can be more customized.  

It’s no secret adding a Backyard Cottage on your property can add extra monthly income.  However there are some costs involved.  Here is a link to a handy worksheet that breaks down Hard Costs and Soft Costs.  Example of a Hard Cost is demolition or site preparation.  A Soft Cost is a mortgage, or fees for utility hookups.  Which aren’t cheap, by the way!  Seattle City Light  recommends separate electricity meters.  This will save you way more money in the long run.

Make sure you save room for a parking space for your Backyard Cottage – this is a requirement!

For more information regarding Backyard Cottages and self help steps to diagrams, permits, and more – this site wins, hands down.

Check back frequently to for our Backyard Cottage listings in Seattle City Limits.

Backyard Cottages In Seattle!

Do you own at least 4,000 square foot lot in Seattle?  Then you could have a second dwelling on your property.  It’s just one of many dedicated Green Building Projects in Seattle.

DADU are Detatched Accessory Dwelling Units.  They’re also called Backyard Cottages which sounds … not so “detatched”.  Backyard Cottages is a way to give more BANG for your BUCK by emphasizing the blueprint for your lot.  These create minimal waste (since they are prefabricated) as well as a short build time.  Super efficient and efficient on the pocket book too.  They start at $98,000.

Backyard Cottage

Come see award winning designers and architects for some of the most innovative backyard cottages in the city.  Seattle City Planning Commissioner, David Cutler, will also be there.

When:  Monday May 24th

Time:  5:30pm

Where:  7601 Greenwood Ave. N

Cost:  F*R*E*E

Call (206) 790.2852 for more information, sponsored by Method Homes.

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