Magnolia & Queen Anne Local Businesses Continue To Need Our Support

Quite a few surprising businesses in both Queen Anne and Magnolia have closed down lately. Pretty shocking and disappointing that Seattle Pie Company which I have supported both online and offline would basically just close up shop and leave the Magnolia neighborhood. That is in fact what happened though.

I knew something was fishy when the furniture started disappearing here and there and then they went to cash only. It is sad to see a local staple disappear. Unfortunately, all over Queen Anne and Magnolia I have been seeing this. The kitchen store by Starbucks is gone now. Pasta Bella on Queen Anne which was pretty much a fixture disappeared.

In two neighborhoods that the real estate is thriving ( we got multiple offers on a Queen Anne townhouse for sale after just a couple days on the market), it is sad to see some of the local biz struggling. It should remind us all to buy local and support our beloved neighborhood fixtures.

Queen Anne Books is for sale. – This is a WONDERFUL Queen Anne Community Staple

Queen Anne Books is for sale.  This is a Queen Anne staple of our community life so I am hoping someone will read this and decide that this is what they want to do!  I was just in there today and I merely described a silly book about fairies that my daughter had read years ago and they knew exactly what I was talking about and were able to order it for me on the spot so that I can send it out as a gift to a very appreciative little girl. The map of the staircases of Queen Anne is sold here.  It is quaint and fun to browse and a nice change form my Kindle and the giant book stores of the mall genre.  We need this place!

According to their site (

Dear Friends of Queen Anne Books,

Almost 14 years ago, Cindy Mitchell and I met with Randy and Alice to discuss the possibility of buying Queen Anne Books, sealing the deal July 31, 1998.  It has been an amazing ride: Borders Books and Barnes & Noble were the ‘big, bad, box stores’; Amazon was a new and far-reaching idea just beginning to take off; Tower Books was our nearest competitor; and there was no such thing as an e-book. After a couple hundred book club meetings, four amazing Harry Potter parties, countless author events and 14 Holiday Magics, I have decided it is time to turn over Queen Anne Books to a new owner — someone who will bring fresh energy and ideas to a business undergoing a radical and exciting transformation.

As most of you know, I lost my husband to cancer last May and I am eager to move on and discover what the next stage of my life will hold. I initially believed I would continue to be a bookseller but, because the business is changing so much, I have realized the store requires more than I can give right now. I am hoping someone in the Queen Anne community will find the business as fulfilling and exciting as I know it can be.

The Sale:

  • I am selling the business for the value of the inventory, computers and fixtures.
  • My lease is up October 30, 2012 but there is a 5-year-option available.
  • I am currently working very hard to settle the details of losing a husband — probate, taxes, etc. So Cindy Mitchell, who knows the business as well as I do (even though she retired four years ago), has volunteered to answer the initial queries into the store’s possible sale. You can reach her through the store email: Please put Attn: Cindy in the subject line.

The Serious Buyer:

  • Reading is essential, but you must also be an astute business person.  Margins are tight in this business; skill, constant appraisal, and reappraisal are required to make a profit.
  • You need to plan on working in the store.  The presence of the owner in the store on a regular basis is key to the store’s financial success.
  • You must be open to the expanding presence of ecommerce, ebooks and social media in the book industry.
  • Plan to work hard, learn a lot, and be surrounded by an amazing community who will support you and celebrate the richness of the written word with you!

Thank you for your many years of support. I will do my best to ensure Queen Anne Books continues to be a vital part of this community.

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Patti McCall
Queen Anne Books